Hubcity crossfit. Did WOD in 20:34
Normal WOD was WBS at 10' height, 25lb plates for chest to floor, and 75# power snatch. I did WODKILLERS which was definitely much less fun.

Legs were very sore yesterday from Diane on Monday but not sore at all today. Lower back is still pretty sore. Three huge salads from JD last night showed up with a vengeance this morning...yikes.

CFE run
long intervals
Texas Tech indoor track
4x 2' all out effort, 4' rest
Made it right at or under 600 meters

bag of frozen mixed berries post-workout
Jason's Deli - three trips through salad bar
bulk foods - trail mix (almonds, cashews, walnuts, cherries, raisins, coconut dates), mangos, frozen cherries

Tuesday, January 24
Slept until 6:30 AM.
Met Taylor up at Texas Tech weight room at 12:45PM

CFE run
10x 30" hill sprints with 2' recovery
12.0 incline
1 - 9.5 mph
2-9 - 9.7 mph
10 - 10.0 mph

Jason's Deli - three trips through salad bar (only thing not VFBNS was a little squirt of red wine vinegar on each salad)
Bulk foods (tart cherries, coconut dates, dried mangos, cashews/walnuts (all VFBNS)