So after that one carrot I ate (on the video)...I proceeded to eat a large bowl full of only raw veggies: spinach, spring mix, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, pepperoncini, jalapenos, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, and slivered almonds.

Everything seemed OK so I went back for round II. Same stuff only this time I added some of the red pepper hummus and a little bit of red wine vinegar...everything seemed great, so I went back for Round III, which was the same as round II.

I left Jason's Deli stuffed which was a weird feeling since I hadn't felt "full" in more than two weeks. And by the way, the texture of that carrot in my mouth was very interesting. Not only did it feel funny, it tasted AMAZING.

Everything tasted amazing. The peppers were a little hotter. And all the veggies had more flavor...pretty incredible.

I came home and heated up some unsalted pinto beans that had been teasing me in the fridge, put some homemade salsa on top and at that...about 1/2 cup worth. Then I had some grapes, frozen bananas, and frozen mangos. I was absolutely stuffed.

Parental discretion advised from this point forward...

From about 8:30 PM until I went to bead around 11:30 PM, I had a "seat" four times. It was like all the solid food I had eaten was pushing its way into my intestines at the same time squeezing out what was left of the juices. Let's just say that the toilet bowl got a COMPLETE cleaning from top to bottom with every encounter it had with me...ugh.

I got up twice in the night to go (not number 1)...then I was awakened at about 6:30 AM, bolted out of bed, pushed my way past an unsuspecting Jenn, and nearly dirtied myself. It was the most solid any of it had been from January 4. And since then to now, my stomach has felt fine.

I probably overdid it on the sheer volume of food I ate...but I couldn't help myself and it was all VFBNS (veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds - pronounced "vee-EHF-bee-in-es") except what little olive oil I consumed in the hummus and the small amount of red wine vinegar I sprinkled over the last two salads.

I felt great this I had raw power coursing through my muscles and just did a CF WOD
12 wall ball shot with 20 lb ball
12 toes to bar
 in 5:45

Would have been shorter but I kicked the bar just right with my left foot on my fourth round and irritated a nerve which caused some slight discomfort...but I'm OK!

I made a protein shake which is sitting in front of warming up a bit:
1 c almond milk
handful frozen berries
1 tbsp each of hemp protein and flaxseeds (ground)
1 tsp chlorella (I wouldn't recommend chlorella in this mixture again...flavor comes through to much and it's not that pleasant)

Planning on some blueberries (if anything) around lunch time.
Dinner will be a large, raw salad, 2 lbs of cooked veggies (from frozen), 1 cup pinto beans (made from raw), and frozen fruit.

Oh...and a 'what I learned from the juice fast' post is on the way. It will be a little longer. Possibly released early next week...