Normally when I get hungry at night (about this time) if I go get a bite of bread or cracker or something (once or twice a week it would happen) the floodgates open and I end up eating anything I can get my hands on: almond butter, tortilla, bread, crackers, chips, whatever. I've been known to leave the house to get bean burritos because normally we don't have a lot of low nutrient foods n the house. Or I'll eat the last few chips in the bag and need more.

This fast has trained me to deal with the "night" hunger. I don't think I'll be doing that much anymore.

After being on just veggie juice for so long I'm excited about keeping certain things completely out of my system. Granted, they were there in very small doses before but now I want to eliminate them like I have done with cokes, ice cream, meat. Things like vegetable oils (in chips and crackers), refined wheat and flour (other than the occasional homemade bread, pita or Ezekiel), cheese (except on the occasional "cheat day" on veggie pizza).

Just thoughts I've been having. Can't believe tomorrow is day 10. Starting to go by fast. I'm seeing dramatic results physically.

Plan is to eat on a warrior diet timing with only fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds and maintain within 2-3 pounds of whatever I get down to. I'm within 0.5 pound of what I weighed when I was 14.

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