Day 8 Week 5 - 12 week Half IM training

Yes...Day 8. Did my long bike today which counts on Week 5. Will start Week 6 tomorrow.
Woke at 7 AM...

LB - 3 hours
Rode 60 miles in 3:10
HR averaged 135
My computer kept giving me false reading so I don't trust the final numbers. I'd look down and it would say 17 mph then go to 26 mph and I hadn't changed speed.
Comp said I averaged 18.7 mph but it may have been faster than that...stupid comp.
Stiff wind blowing out of the NE, 80 degrees. I had just eaten a big lunch and probably over ate on the bike.
An accelgel at 1 and 2 hours and accelerade starting at 1.5 hours which I ended up puking up a little...body didn't need it. Some monster hills out towards Albany. Took me 1:48 to get out there and about 1:20 coming back, then had to ride the block a couple of times.
Mileage said 30.1 when I turned around and I had to ride around the block a few times to hit 60 so I KNOW the comp was off because the ride back goes a little bit out of the way (so a little farther than the ride out).
Lower back never bothered me. Felt great throughout.

Breakfast - frozen mangos and oatmeal
Lunch- sprouted legume salad, bag of honey pistachio energy cubes
During workout - 2 accels, 1/4 bottle of accelerade with 2 scoops
Dinner - end piece of H's bread, bowl of pinto beans, celery/almond butter, banana/blueberry "ice cream", dried mangos, goji berry energy cubes, Blue Corn chips and homemade salsa

Weekend of fatness is over...going all raw until pizza night on Friday.

Week 5 totals
CF: 2:09
Swim: 1:40:10
Bike: 3:40
Run: 1:35:17
Total:  9:04:27