Road to Recovery Day 6

Woke at 6:30 AM
Cup of coffee this morning. Had a bowl of frozen blueberries around 2:30 PM.

100 leg lifts and stretching this morning.
100 leg lifts and stretching this afternoon. Iced both knees this afternoon, too. Right knee still giving me some anxiety.
Planning on 100 leg lifts and ice tonight before bed.
I'm also planning on beginning a dip/pull-up regimen until I can do leg work. Something like 100 dips 100 pulls (10x of 10 each) something like that. Enough to get my heart rate up and get me a little sore. I haven't gone this long without doing ANY sort of physical exercise since...I honestly can't remember. Maybe like sixth grade?  Even when I was in hospital last year I rode my indoor trainer the day I came home from the hospital. And when I had the flu in March I only had four days in a row of no exercise...I did a sprint triathlon the Sunday of that week. Yesterday was my fifth straight day of nothing. Hopefully that will change if I can squeeze in some dips/pulls this afternoon.
Flexibility is getting much better everyday but putting much weight on the bent left leg is still very painful. Hopefully I can start swimming after stitches come out next week.

Food today was some carrot juice this morning with my antibiotic. Large salad, salmon/barley stew, chips and black bean dip, cooked veggies and sprouts.