Road to Recovery Day 4

Wednesday, September 28

Planning to buy a yard stick to measure my knee flexibility in left leg. Not very good right now.

Also going to ice my right knee on the inside. Really starting to get worried about the pain that's creeping up there. I can actually shower tomorrow!

Sponge baths are the devil. Ready to get these stitches out and start working on gaining some strength back in this leg.

Stitches scheduled to come out on Tuesday.

Did 50 leg lifts this afternoon. Walked up some stairs but nearly fell. Doc says that if my leg bends too much too fast it could rip out the sutures that are deep under my skin in my leg. That would be bad. Another reason I'm still on the crutch. Don't want my leg to buckle and disaster to strike again.

Had Jason's Deli tonight and some cashews and carob covered almonds. Stuffed on veggies...mmmmm.

My plan is to continue eating plant-based, whole foods diet. I'm anticipating a much faster recovery eating power foods than if I were to eat what some have suggested while "down"...a big juicy cheeseburger. Yuck.