Road to Recovery Day 3

Tuesday, September 27

Went with Jenn to her school observation this morning. Went to United and got bananas for her class. First time to be out. Really weird driving past scene of the incident. Feel sick and shaky while driving in the car. Had to put seat all the way back so my left leg could stay straight.

Went to John's office. He looked at both sets of stitches. Healing up OK. Said I could start doing some quad flexing and stretching. Quad/leg is very tight and painful. Have had to pull dried bandages off right elbow stitches TWICE. Not fun.

Took bike to Biketown. An initial glance told them the bike was a complete loss. You can't be too careful with the carbon fiber. It might look ok, but if the structural integrity has been compromised, sometimes the first time you'll know it is when it comes apart on you while you're going 40 mph, and that wouldn't be good.

I need a new helmet, too.

Made salmon, barley, split pea stew for dinner. Had it with salad, some carob cubes, blue corn chips, 1/2 frozen banana, dry oatmeal.

Slept most of the afternoon. A lot more tired than I think I am. Sat in a chair while H and Hope played outside. Frustration starting to set in every time I see someone running or biking. I'm really disappointed about missing the race this weekend and the Half IM. Been thinking about that race for more than a year. Lots of planning and training down the drain.

I want to be back up and Hate this.