Road to Recovery Day 2

Monday, September 26

Did what I could to help Jenn get girls ready for school. Not happy about not being able to play with them like usual. The slightest wrong touch (even from the 9 month old) causes me to cringe in pain.

Left leg (quad) extremely sore. Right knee is starting to hurt on the inside. Outside of right knee very sore, too. Right hip is more sore than I thought it was. Right arm (stitches) might be the worst pain just because I'm using it more than anything else. Getting around on crutches around the house. Went up to work today to get some stuff to work on at home.

I don't feel tired, but when I lay down I sleep instantly. Off the pain meds because I'd rather be in pain than sick to my stomach.

Was interviewed by KTXS this afternoon.

Had salad, cashews, mung beans, and hummus for dinner.