Day 4 Week 7 - 12 week Half IM training

Woke at 5 AM
Feel MUCH better physically. Can't believe how quickly I've recovered from Tuesday's run.

CF (6 AM)
Double Unders
6:22 (PR by 1:11...helps to have other people around pushing you)
Feel fine, also did 4x3 squat clean with 135. No knee pain.
(17' total)

SS (12 PM)
10' TI warm up
20 x 50y on 1'
Great swim. Did the 50's in the 44-48 range. Never done more than 12 of these. Swim 50 then rest to 1 minute, then swim another one. RX'd was 10-20 of them, I had planned to do 15, but when I got to 15 decided to try for 20. Feel really good.

Pre-workout - spicy banana energy bar
Breakfast - celery, oatmeal/cacao nibs, coffee
(Danessa got me looking at Warrior diet on my way back from Amarillo)
Lunch - small salad (spinach, romaine, okra, sprouted mung, tahini dressing), Lara bar, hemp protein/chlorella
Dinner - having some GI issues, felt like I needed some substance, ordered a large veggie supreme pizza from Domino's for dinner. Also had a peach and banana/blueberry ice cream for dessert (2.5 bananas, blueberries, vanilla, soy milk pureed with almonds and cacao nibs on top. Didn't feel stuffed. Felt like I needed the calories.