Day 1 Week 7 - 12 week Half IM training

woke at 6:45 AM
Planned rest day
Day 1 of 21 until US Open Triathlon. I've had 8 of the last 10 days not ideal eating days (scroll down for proof)...time to buckle down. The only extra calorie days I can have are on Sundays, and those days will still be vegan. Need to get into race form.

I've got some really tough CF WODs coming up this week...I'm going to need this rest day.

Breakfast - small salad (rainbow chard, spring mix, sprouted legumes, carrot peels, tahini dressing)
Lunch - Jason's Deli (one trip through with a small scoop of hummus, then one plate with carrots, broccoli and hummus)
Dinner - salad (rainbow chard, romaine, lots of raw veggies, tahini dressing, sprouted mung beans)
Snack - celery, popped amaranth