Day 4 Week 5 - 12 week Half IM training

Woke at 5:45 AM

CF (6:00 AM)
50 squats
25 ring dips

SB - CFE (12 PM)
90" ladder
90:60, 90:45, 90:30
90:15, 90:30, 90:45
90...done (I added a final 90" interval after a 60" RBI)
Indoor trainer
First interval HR was in 140s at end. Got up in the 150s for a few, and the last three were in the 160s.
8 intervals total. HR averaged 137 for the 30 minutes - finished at 27:00 but rode easy for three minutes.
(30' total)

Pre-workout - apple cinnamon energy bar
Breakfast - oatmeal with hemp, flax and cacao
Lunch - salad (spinach, kale, jalapeno pepper, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, okra, broccoli, sprouted mixed beans [mung, adzuki, chick, etc], tahini dressing, onion)
Pre-workout - carob cubes
Dinner - Salad (spinach, raw-organic veggies, sprouted legumes, tahini dressing)
Snack -carob cubes, almonds (while driving to Austin)
great eating day...