Day 2 Week 5 - 12 Week Half IM Training

Woke at 4:45 AM.
Picked up JB on way to JPAC to swim.


LS - (5:30 AM)
WU: 300 easy
MS: 12x25 on 10"
400 easy, 4x 100 on 10"
4x 100 on 20"
2x 200 on 30"
8x 50 on 20"
400 easy
CD: 200 easy
(1:11:10 total))

CF - (8:00 - PM)
7x2 thrusters
6x 135
(30' total)

Pre-workout - apple cinnamon energy bar
Breakfast -oatmeal with hemp, flax and cacao, celery, almond milk
Lunch -salad at McAlister's in San Angelo (romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, jalapenos), snacked on some raw okra on way to and from San Angelo
Snack - end piece of H's bread, celery/almond butter, raisins
Dinner - salad (spinach, kale, onion, jalapeno, tomato, cucumber, tahini dressing, sprouted mung), sesame lemon crackers (sesame seeds, coconut oil, agave nectar, dulse, lemon zest, lemon juice)
Snack - almond milk, apple cinnamon energy bar

Thought about skipping CF today. Really tired when I got home from work. Think it's just because I hadn't eaten much. After my snack and dinner, I felt much better.