Day 2 Week 1 - 12 Week HIM training

Woke at 4:40 AM.
Went and picked up JB and swam at JP's pool.

CFE - SS (5:30 AM):
Tosh - 3x (50, 100, 200) rest as long as interval takes
Did the 50s in the 47 second range, 100s in the 1:43 range, 200s in the 3:40 range

CF (5:30 PM):
7x1 snatch - did with 95# focusing on form and technique.

Pre-workout - Mango coconut energy bar before swim
Breakfast - oatmeal with hemp protein and flax, celery with hummus
Lunch - red lentils with hemp and flax, celery with hummus, salad (spinach, cilantro, romaine, squash, tomato, nori, dulse, tomato dressing, snap peas)
Pre-workout -mango coconut energy bar
Dinner -red lentils, celery/hummus, handful of walnuts and soaked almonds
Snack -popped amaranth, celery/almond butter