Day 5 Week 4 - 12 Week Half IM Training

Woke at 5:00 AM.
Supposed to wake at 4 AM but I overslept. Made it to HHC just in time to move in about 7 bikes for class. Moved the rest in after class with a little help.

SB- RPM (5:35 AM)
42' at 143 HR average
(42' total)

CF - (2:30 PM)
Supposed to do CF Total but there's no point in doing that.
Doing what CF Midland is doing instead...
3' max reps pulls (60)
3' max reps hand-release pushup (50)
3' max reps air squat (86)
That's a total of 196 reps. Divided by 30 is 6.5 so I did 7 rounds of Cindy in 7:50.
(30' total)

Pre-workout - homemade banana bread energy bar
Breakfast -  end piece of H's whole wheat bread loaf (couldn't resist) with almond butter, small bowl of soaked millet, watermelon
Lunch - spinach, kale, soaked millet, okra, jalapeno, broccoli, onion, ginger dressing
Pre-workout/snack - handful of sweet potato chips, raisins, celery/almond butter, a few carob cubes, grapes, small bowl of soaked millet
Dinner - One trip through Jason's Deli salad bar
Snack - dry oatmeal, watermelon, carob cubes, celery/almond butter