Day 3 Week 4 - 12 Week Half IM Training

Woke at 5:00 AM.

CF - (6:00 AM)
CF Midland - awesome place and they have an awesome website (Traveler WOD's for folks on the road)
warm up
800m run
3 x:
10 slams with 40# ball
8 toes to rope
10 squat vertical thrusters with slam ball
4 x (untimed)
7x hand release plyo pushup
7x power clean
7x front rack lunge (each leg, so 14 total)
7x thruster
7x good morning
When you grab the bar on these sets, you weren't allowed to take your hands off the bar. Brutal.
Did 95 pounds. Toasted.
(30' total)

LS (6:00 PM)

warmup: 500 then 8x50 on 15" rest
1500y time trial(29:45). The YMCA in Midland wasn't sure if the pool was meters or yards (think it might have been meters) and I think I counted a lap twice. That is a slow time to how good I felt swimming.
100 easy
3x200 at TT effort on 15" rest
300 cool down
(1:15 total)

Pre-workout - homemade banana bread energy bar
Breakfast - oatmeal with cacao nibs, several celery stalks, 15 oz coconut water, handful cashews
Lunch - Strawberry Fields in Midland, salad (greens, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, sprouts, carrots, cucumber, balsamic vinegar)
Dinner -HEB organic baby spring mix, red bell pepper, mushrooms, carrot, pumpkin seeds, sprouted mung beans, balsamic vinegar, 10 unsweetened carob covered almonds
Snack - celery/almond butter, about 3/4 cup of dried oatmeal