Day 2 Week 4 - 12 Week Half IM Training

Woke at 5:30 AM.

CF - (6:00 AM)
5 C2B pulls
10 WBS
15 KBS with 1.5 pood
10 rounds + 5 pulls
(30' total)

LR (6:00 PM)
1 mile warm up
30' TT
18 laps
HR averaged 174 over last 20' of TT
Done this workout twice before, first time did 18 laps and HR was in the 173 range. Last year, did 18.5 laps, HR 168 but it wasn't 100 degrees like it was yesterday when I ran.
Happy about this run. Did at Memorial Stadium in Midland.
(50' total)

Pre-workout - homemade banana bread energy bar
Breakfast - oatmeal with hemp, cacao nibs and flax, vegetable juice (2 carrots, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 tomato, ginger)
Lunch - salad (chopped lettuce, 3 tomato slices, 4 pickle slices), was traveling and lunch was at a cheesburger joint in Midland. After lunch, went by HEB and got a handful of cashews, about 10 energy cubes and a small handful of dried mango. 
Dinner - HEB organic arugula/spinach/herb blend, one red bell pepper, pumpkin seeds and sprouted mung beans. Put some balsamic vinegar on top. Had a few carob covered unsweetened almonds, too.
Snack - celery/almond butter

Went to bed hungry...good. Feel like I'm leaning out, based on what I'm seeing in the mirror. Wonder if it's the emphasis on raw?