Day 6 Week 3 - 12 week Half IM training

Woke at 5:45 AM.
179.0 this morning (81.2 kg)

LB - (6:30 AM)
40.01 miles averaging 20.1 mph.
Hopped off bike and ran 2 miles. New Zoots still giving me blister...ever since CapTexTri.
Total time 2:21:03
HR averaged 148
Rode with JB...he's fast.
Out to Baird and back.
First BRICK workout in a while, felt OK but was pretty gassed off the bike.

CF (2:30 PM)
24" box jump
75# power snatch
chest to bar pulls
Legs are pretty jello-ish from this morning.

Pre-workout - ginger-pear energy bar (2)
During workout - water and Accel-gel
Post-workout - ginger-pear energy bar (2), small glass of almond milk
Breakfast - oatmeal with hemp and flax
Lunch - bowl of buckwheat with homemade hummus, salad (romaine, tomato, cucumber, raw okra, carrot, soaked arame, ginger carrot dressing), had 1/2 a slice of bread with almond butter (H's leftover)
Pre-workout - ginger-pear energy bar
Post-workout - small glass almond milk, chlorella in water
Dinner - pizza night, Pale Ale from Cypress Street
Snack - finished off the last of Jenn's chips, H's bunny crackers (whole wheat at least), and goldfish from H's birthday part (July 2...gross). Then had a Nikki's swirl shop frozen yogurt (no sugar), with blueberries and kiwis on top. Bean burrito and 2 flour tortillas from Rosa's.

Fell asleep on the floor at 9:30 tonight.

Tough day tomorrow after a tough day today...then complete rest day on Monday. I'm going to need it.