Day 5 Week 3 - 12 week Half IM training

Woke at 4:10 AM.


SB - RPM (5:30 AM)
51:00 HR averaged 140
Intense workout.

CF (5:30 PM)
OHS 95#

Did this one in the backyard. Feel stronger on OHS.

Pre-workout - ginger-pear energy bar
Breakfast - small glass of almond milk, oatmeal with hemp and flax
Lunch - bowl of buckwheat with homemade hummus, salad (meal pictured below)
Pre-workout - ginger-pear energy bar
Dinner - bowl of buckwheat with hummus, salad (greens, cucumber, onion, carrot, broccoli, ginger carrot dressing), handful of almonds, nori sheet, 
Snack - celery/almond butter, popped amaranth

Feel good about my diet/nutrition the last couple of weeks. Anxious to see what my weight is in the morning...