Day 2 Week 2 - 12 week Half IM training

Woke at 7:15 AM

CF - (CF806 6:30 PM)
max overhead squat - 135#
15' AMRAP:
15 WBS
15 toes through rings
9 rounds even

LS (3200m)
Did at Zach's Club in Amarillo
WU: 300, then 3x100
MS: 4x200 on 30" rest
8x100 on 15" rest
200 kick
6x100 on 10" rest
CD: 200
Did in just under 1:15:00 but had to get out for about five minutes and use the necessary room. Darn salad.


Breakfast - oatmeal, celery

Lunch - large salad from market street, pinto beans (Eden Organic no salt added)
Pre-workout - the other half of the pinto beans and a few celery stalks
Dinner - salad from Market Street in Lubbock, pumpkin seeds, 1/2 can of pinto beans
Snack - almond butter/celery

Body feeling good. Sore from the last few days. Don't get a rest day until next week because of weird schedule this weekend (Great Wolf Lodge).