Sunday food

Quinoa, hemp protein and flax for breakfast.
Raw zucchini and hot sauce at Abuelo's. Then had some of Jenn's leftover beans.
Dessert was carob cubes, dried mangos, coconut dates, frozen bananas and mangos with honey.

Dinner was curry lentil crackers and black bean lime salsa (Thrive diet recipes).
Dessert was Julie Morris' no-bake brownies, and a few of the leftover carob cubes from lunch dessert.

Feel good for Half IM training which starts tomorrow.
Got some naps in this weekend and feel nice and rested.
Still need to lose about 10 pounds.

I think the last time I had consecutive, complete rest days was in December.
My plan is to take at least one complete rest day per week.
When I get to the Half IM I'll only have seven weeks before Whiterock.

Mark Rogers