Thursday - July 7

Barley flakes for breakfast.
A couple of homemade energy bars before a lunchtime WOD:
5x of 15 med. ball cleans, 15 wall ball shots (both with 20# ball) in 7:50.

Then had some barley flakes (nutritional yeast sauce, hemp oil and ground flax seed on top) and a large salad (lettuce, black fungus, arame, tomato, squash, onion, dulse flakes, balsamic vinegar).
Had some brazil nuts and a homemade fruit Popsicle before time trial tonight.

Rode 10 miles in 24:14 (24.8 mph average).
Had same thing for dinner that I had for lunch.
Also had a few tortilla chips and a couple of slices of H's whole wheat, flax bread. Celery and almond butter before bed, too.

Mark Rogers