CF Hub City and intervals

CF HubCity this morning...
DT with 135# instead of 155# in 9:52. Killer.
Breakfast afterwards was oatmeal and celery.
Lunch was a garden salad at McAlister's then I went to Sprouts and got a handful of unsalted sesame sticks since the salad had very little on it.
Had some celery before intervals.

5 x 3:3
Went to Lubbock High track and planned to run 800s. Ran the first one in just under 3. On second one, about 200 meters in, I got this really weird pain in my left thigh/groin/quad. It was like where the muscle meets the bone. Couldn't pinpoint it but I had to stop. Really hurt. I walked the remainder of the interval and took it easy on #3 (about 725 meters). Continued walking and stretching and hit the last two 800s in under 3 minutes. Really weird. Never experienced anything like that before. Wonder if the heat had anything to do with it. Plus I'm still pretty sore from 10K yesterday and DT this morning.

Snack is going to be celery and almond butter and maybe some red wine.

Mark Rogers