Hill Repeats and C&J

Woke at 5:30 AM. Had an energy bar.
10' CFE warmup.
Set treadmill at 7.0 incline and speed at 7.7

4x 1/2 mile intervals
First two in 3:54, third in 3:52, last one in 3:53. HR averaged 151 including 6' of total rest.
HR was in the 170s for most of the working phases. Tough. Drenched.

Breakfast was quinoa with hemp and flax and my last chard leaf with the last of my hummus.
Lunch was a salad at Humphrey Pete's in  Brownwood and a side of black beans.
Dinner was two trips through salad bar at Jason's.
Had another energy bar then did 5' of 165# clean and jerk for reps. Goal was 30. Ha!
I did 4. Failed on the fifth. Then got two more. That is a lot of weight for a wimp like me. Cleaning it up wasn't so bad, it was the jerk that got me.
Snack was 2 tbsp almond butter and celery. May pop some amaranth in a few minutes if I get too hungry.

Teaching RPM in the morning so I gotsta go to bed soon.

Mark Rogers