Sunday - July 17

Rest day.

Made peanut, sunflower "burger" for dinner.
Black beans and salad at Sharon's for lunch.
Ate a couple bags of carob energy cubes...LOVE those.
Dates, too.
Made some no bake brownies from Julie Morris' website.
They were REALLY good. All the non-vegan people at dinner liked them. I'm going to make them more often.
1 c walnuts
8 large, Medjool dates
1/2 c carob powder (toasted or raw)
cacao nibs

Also made some ginger pear energy bars for the week.
And a hummus recipe from the same website (chickpeas, garlic, hemp seeds, lemon juice, tahini). Very tasty.
Haven't had cashews in a while because I'm trying to save the 3,000 calories which I ingest on Sundays with every 1 pound bag.
Mark Rogers