Fun Indoor Bike intervals

I made this up about 15 minutes into this workout in my garage. But I was absolutely drenched by the end and my HR averaged 143 for the hour:

10' of 5:5 (that's translated as "ten minutes of 5 minutes of moderate work followed by 5 minutes of hard, high intense work)
10' 2.5:2.5
10' 1:40; 1:40
10' 1:15; 1:15
10' 1:1
10' 50":50"

So the first ten minutes you do 1 interval of hard's a long five minute interval at peak HR...after a sort of five minute warmup (HR around the 120-130 range)
The second ten minutes is two hard phases of work (moderate work 2:30, 2:30 high intense work, 2:30 moderate work, 2:30 high intense work)
The third ten minute section is three phases of work (1:40 each)
The fourth is four phases (at 1:15)
The fifth is five phases (1:00)
And the last ten minute section is 6 phases (00:50).

It's a 1:1 interval pattern. So for each phase of slow, easy pedaling, you do the same amount of peak effort.
It goes by pretty fast. I will definitely be doing that again. I could even see doing it twice in a row in my shed to get ready for the full IM in Houston next May.

Had a homemade energy bar before the bike workout and drank an entire quart of water during the hour...super hot in my garage even at 5:30 AM.
Breakfast was millet with hemp protein and ground flax and a chard wrap (hummus spread out on one half of chard, sliced tomatoes, squash, pepper inside chard...wrap it up and eat like a burrito).
Lunch was exactly the same thing.

Mark Rogers