Friday - July 15

Taught RPM in the morning.
Breakfast was oatmeal and some raw veggies.

Lunch was Cypress Street. Got a salad with a side of black beans.
Went to Natural Grocers on my way back from getting insecticide for stinking, noisy crickets in my yard and picked up a bag of wild rice, sesame sticks (kind of like a cracker - same sort of thing I ate Monday and Tuesday in Amarillo).
Ended up eating the whole bag before the day was over...and only then did I realize how much stinking salt was in it. Sea salt and table salt. Ugh...stupid.

Dinner was a vegan pizza that Jenn made. She put tomato paste and sauce on an organic, whole wheat, store bought pizza crust and topped it with onions, spinach, bell pepper on my half. Her half added mozzarella cheese and some ham. It was very good.
Did 30 Muscle Ups for my CF WOD tonight.
Time was 7:52. Slower than my PR by about a minute. Chest is really sore from ring dips on Monday and pushups yesterday.

Mark Rogers