Monday - July 11

Woke at 5 AM. CF WOD:
75 air squats, 50 pull ups, 20 ring dips, 50 squats, 35 pulls, 15 ring dips, 35 squats, 20 pulls, 10 dips
in 8:18. Tough.

Breakfast was red lentils and a large salad with the normal fixins.
Lunch was the other half of the popped amaranth pizza I made yesterday. Ate in the car on the way to Amarillo.
Had 2 raw revolution bars before long ride.
Rode 51.5 miles in Amarillo from 5-7:39 PM. Hot and windy. 19.3 mph. HR averaged 140. Body felt good, though.
Dinner was large salad, pumpkin seeds, celery, almond butter, 2 carob cubes, some wild rice crackers.

Mark Rogers