Crossfit806 and 400m intervals

Visited Crossfit806 this morning.
WOD was 7x:
5 x 135# clean and jerk
100m spring

Did in 8:54.

Breakfast was oatmeal and celery.
Lunch was one round of Jason's Deli salad bar.
Had a raw revolution bar and four non-gluten crackers I found at Natural grocers. Tasted like something I've made out of the Thrive book.

Ran 10 400m sprints on a 1:1 rest ratio (rest as long as the previous interval takes)
Total time was 26:28. Hit them all right around 1:24 (1:21 and 1:20 on the last two).
Huge dust storm blew up...ran on Amarillo High track.

Dinner was salad, carob cubes, wild rice crackers, celery almond butter. Same as last night.

Mark Rogers