"Cindy" with "real-man" pushups

Took yesterday off completely.
Did "Cindy" tonight after girls went to bed.

20' as many rounds as possible:
5 pulls
10 pushups
15 air squats

Only I did the pushups this time the "real" way. At the bottom of the pushup, you keep your knees off the ground, only touching chin and chest and lift your hands briefly off the ground so you come to a complete stop. Much harder than just cheating a half pushup.

Did 20 rounds plus 5 pulls. Previous record with wussy pushups was 27+ rounds. Was totally drenched.
Got a food processor over the weekend. Looking forward to making some vegan pizzas and pancakes this week.

Things in my pantry that weren't there a week ago:
roasted carob powder
buckwheat flour
chickpea flour
hemp oil
hemp seed
sesame seeds
coffee bean grinder
rooibas (red, non caffeinated tea)

Mark Rogers