CF Midland - Group WOD

The Midland newspaper was coming at 6 AM this morning so there were about 30 people there it was awesome.

200m run
gorilla walks
10 toes to bar
tire push
200m run
20 sqt jumps
bear crawl
and maybe some other stuff I may not be remembering.

We split up into groups of six. My group was four guys, two girls. Here was the WOD:
ran about 200m to a huge tire and, as a team, flipped it back towards the gym...about 150 meters
Ran inside and all members had to do 10 DBUs with a "fat" rope
10 rope pulls (I did 4 of them)
100 dead lift (135 guys, 85 girls)
   during this we had to stop and do 5 burpees
200 thruster (85 guys, 65 girls)
   during this we had to do 2 total MUs (i did them)
300 KBS (me 70lb, other three guys 53lb, girls 35)
   during this we had to do 5 chest to bar pulls (another team member did these for us)
Everyone had to do 25 burpees
Then the team had to run 200m with a 30 pound ball.

We were neck and neck with another team up until the muscle ups where we took a commanding lead. One of our guys was taking a long time on the 25 burpees and one of the teams set out on the final 200m run when he had three to go. When he finished I took off, caught the other team at about 75 yards and our team won. It was an awesome workout.
We would take turns doing each exercise and would each do anywhere from 10-15 at a time then the next person would jump in. I was drenched.

Mark Rogers