Swim and Pull-Up Ladder

15' time trial in the pool this morning. Actually felt pretty good in the water.
Went 800 yards.

Breakfast was sprouted quinoa and a veggie juice drink (1 cucumber, 1 carrot, small ginger root, half apple and some chlorella). One of the best veggie/fruit smoothies I've made.
Lunch was salad bar at Jason's.
Dinner was a flaxseed, almond "hamburger" pattie (almonds, ground flaxseed, hemp oil, garlic clove, balsamic vinegar). About 500 calories. Lots of protein, lots of fat, not too many carbs. Had a salad with nori sheets on it.

Pull up ladder. Think it was my PR. Did 18 rounds plus 16. A total of 187 pull ups. My arms are shaking while I'm typing this.
Planning on some oatmeal, celery and almond butter in just a few minutes (and the other 1/2 of that smoothie from this morning...this time I'll put hemp protein in it).
Tabata on the schedule for the morning...kill me.

Mark Rogers