Woke at 5 AM. Crossfit806 in Amarillo.

5x 3' AMRAP with 1' rest btwn intervals
3 power clean, 135#
6 pushup
9 squat

Did 29 sets total. Haven't ever done that one...really liked it.

Had oatmeal, celery, adzuki beans for breakfast. Stopped by Market Street on way out of town and got some dates and carob energy squares for the road.

Lunch was veggie plate at Cheddar's in Lubbock. House salad with two sides of steamed carrots and a ton of steamed broccoli.

Had coconut water and chlorella when I got home this afternoon. Then a whole stinkin' bag of dates (knew I couldn't make it last until Sunday). Made some veggie crackers out of "Thrive" book which were really good. Ate a few of those.

Mark Rogers