Crossfit(806) and CFE time trial

Woke at 5 AM and made it to Crossfit806 at 6 AM.
Strength was 3x5 front squat which I did 185 lbs. Legs, core and lats sore from yesterday.

WOD was 400m run then 30-20-10:
Wall ball shots (20# ball to 10 ft height)
Double unders

I finished in 6:26. Good workout.

At 4:30 PM, went to Caprock HS track and ran a 1.5 mile time trial in 9:25 (HR averaged 165). Hot. Picked up pace after first two laps.
Breakfast was oatmeal and cereal.
Jason's Deli for lunch, two trips to salad bar ("meat" was hummus and sunflower seeds).
Dinner: salad, 1/2 can black beans, celery and pumpkin seeds.

Going to have some celery and salsa before bed.

Planning on hitting up Crossfit806 tomorrow morning. Hands are totally ripped from Tabata Something else.

Mark Rogers