Day after Olympic Tri

"Slept in" until 6:30 AM. First day of vegan challenge.
Had oatmeal and a small salad for breakfast.

Veggie sandwich on flatbread at Subway for lunch.
Used my juicer for the first time when I got home from work: 6 oz cucumber, 3 oz carrot, 1.5 oz tomato, mixed with a tsp of chlorella. It was really, really good. Very excited about that juicer.
Now I just need a food processor.

Dinner was a large salad with squash, broccoli, onions, carrots, flax seeds, balsamic vinegar. Main dish was 6 oz cooked pinto beans with 2 tbsp salsa and a tsp of chia seeds.
Planning on some almond butter (2 tbsp) and celery tonight. A lot higher percentage of calories coming from carbs eating like'll be interesting to see how my body responds.

I'm still planning on not eating fruit during the week and gorging on fruit on Sundays...I've really enjoyed that!

Tabata treadmill tonight. Set mph at 9.3 mph, 12.0 incline. Day after a race, my legs were jello. I nearly didn't make the last rep. Brutal.

Mark Rogers