Saturday and Sunday

Was supposed to ride yesterday but had some trouble with my bike. Took it to a local bike shop (round rock) and had a guy fix it. Ended up running about five miles after dark. No watch. No HR monitor. Just ran. Needed to blow off some steam.

I rode 31 miles from Georgetown to Cedar Park this morning. SUPER windy. Lots of hills. Took it easy. Averaged 20 mph. Hit my all time top speed on a bike: 46.8.

Registered for race and had a Specialized mechanic look at my bike - he gave it the thumbs up.

Ready for race! Had some dates before ride this morning. Breakfast was salmon and lentils. Lunch was lentils, kale, and almond butter on celery. Planning on salmon and lentils tonight with some traditional dates and wine before bed.

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