Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday, December 7

CF Midland
Team Bear Complex (Bear Complex is power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press)
15' as many as you can do, alternating reps (135#)
We did 36 (18 a piece)
Then we did 1' phases of work, followed by 1' rest of
as many power cleans
as many front squat
as many push press
as many back squat
as you could do
with 65#

CFE bike
long intervals (indoor trainer)
3:30 on, 2 off
HR 151
great workout

Jason's for dinner, two trips through salad bar, no wheat
carob almonds, dried mangos, dried veggies, cashews for snack (this was my dinner Tuesday as well)
Blueberries in the morning after WOD

Thursday, December 8

CF Midland
warmup posted above...

20x25 double unders
5 back squat with 135#
Partner WOD, so I did 10 rounds.
Our time was 13:21

CFE run
short intervals
Tabata Treadmill in hotel fitness center this afternoon
9.3 mph, 12.0 incline
8 x 20:10
I continue to hate this hurts so much.

blueberries after WOD this morning
had scoop of potatoes, some green beans and a roll at Op Camp dinner.
On way home had mangos, dried veggies, carob almonds, cashews
couple of Ezekial burritos, frozen bananas/mangos, blue corn chips tonight