Pictured below
at least two minutes of that was adjusting the rings after HSPU and before I could do ring rows
Been practicing hand stand holds on my paralletes, and I'm getting much better at them. Held for about 10 seconds with no help today.

short interval bike
10x 45:60
indoor trainer
gear on Mb-1 for all 10
kept RPMs at little more than 90 during working phases

veggie juice after CF WOD - 2 kale leaves, broccoli stalk, 2 celery stalks, 2 carrots, 1 small apple, small piece of ginger...pretty good
Dinner - large salad, cooked veggies, lentils, pinto beans, salsa
snack - frozen fruit, few blue corn chips, took pepperoni off last piece of pizza from sunday and ate it.