Didn't do jack because I was so incredibly sore. I could barely sit and stand. Acute pain from knee to hip (in muscle) to the touch...crazy miserable sore.
Note to self: don't do a WOD that's going to sideline you for an entire weekend because then you can't workout during the weekend. I was supposed to run 10 Saturday. Gonna have to do that on Tuesday.

Probably for the best...Jenn was sick this weekend anyway.

Ezekial tortillas and Bearitos on Saturday night. Then some big, incredible baked pretzels.
Terrible heartburn all day Sunday.
Some chip pieces around lunch time. Then had some carob almonds, carob cubes, dried mangos, an Amy's Organic spinach pizza, Nana's sugarless cookie, 3 LARA bars, most of the Subway pizza I got Jenn for dinner. Less food than I normally eat on Sunday but had horrible heartburn from Saturday night.