Woke at 7A...needed the sleep. Feeling much better though.
Swam at lunch.
20x25y with 50y active recovery
Took me 35 minutes after warmup. Most 25y took me 20-22 seconds.

CF at night
5x3 back squat
After timed standard CF warmup (6:24)
155, 175, 185, 195, 200
focused on form and technique. Slow, deliberate movements.

blueberries for breakfast
post swim shake of blueberries, raspberries, hemp protein, flaxseed, carob powder
Salad and cooked veggies for dinner (mostly squash, all i have), 3 eggs
Bananas, Ezekial burritos, miso soup, celery, mangos, oatmeal for snack
1,500 calories

Good eating day. Thanksgiving week will not deter me. I've gained some LBs. Goal is 28 straight prescribed "good" eating days, which means I eat good (Warrior Diet) six days then have a "loose" Sunday. Only animal products I'm eating now are the eggs we get from the farm north of town.

Still no dairy (except cheese on Sunday if we have pizza), and very little wheat.