Road to Recovery Day 11

Wednesday, October 5

Got 30 minute indoor ride in this morning.
Did 60 minutes tonight.

Indoor intervals go like this:
sets of 10 minutes
1: 5 ez, 5 hard (HR in the 150s)
2: 2x2:50 ez, 2:50 hard
3: 3x1:40 ez, 1:40 hard
4: 4x1:15 ez, 1:15 hard
5: 5x1 ez, 1 hard
6: 50sec ez, 50 hard

Goes by really fast when you do it that way. HR averaged 139 for both sessions today. Stinking inside of my right knee is still hurting. Left leg feels weak but hopefully some time in the saddle will fix that.

Dinner tonight was Jason's Deli, 2 LARA bars, some cashews, carob almonds, celery/almond butter.
Feel like I'm gaining weight...