8 mile run

HR averaged 162
THRILLED with this time. First 1/2 mile in 3:25. 1st mile in 6:48. 2nd mile in 13:38. 3rd mile in 20:30. Halfway point in 27:30. 5 miles in 34:28. 6 miles in 41:20. 7.5 miles in 51:35. No GI issues. No side cramp. 

Minor pain in left hip towards the end and right when I stopped but went away as soon as I stretched it out a little bit. Haven't run more than 4 miles since accident. Hadn't run 8 miles this fast in a LONG time. Really happy about this run. Mild weather and no wind didn't hurt anything. Wore Zoot Ovwa's. 

Lunch - three pieces of homemade pizza, bowl of frozen banana, mango and raisins.
Dinner - cookout at Lewises

Did 9 CF/CFE WODs this week. Most since week of 9/19...more than 5 weeks.