Thursday October 20

Swam/ran at lunch for 60'
WU 500y
MS 20x 50y on 60"
Last five were fastest (45-46") as I really concentrated on lowering my stroke count. Was hitting 14 there, 15 back for most of the last five...encouraging.
Got out and ran on the indoor track for the remainder of the 27ish minutes. Ran for about 10, then rowed 1000m, then ran striders for the remainder of the hour.

Rode 30' after work. Outside around neighborhood. First time to ride outside since accident. HR averaged 130. I would sprint the straights and coast the curves.

blueberries after lunch workout
dinner was large salad, cooked veggies, egg omelet, frozen banana and bowl of dry oatmeal...some almonds, too.
Decided to start tracking calories again...
Yesterday was 1,123 calories
Protein 18%
Carbs 51%
Fat 31%