Tuesday 10/18

Could NOT wake up this morning. Might be the fact that it's right before daylight savings and the sun comes up later. I had some acute pain in my wound area during the night. Woke up to what felt like an ice pick stabbing my leg from the inside. Think I may need to take it a little easier.

I was planning on doing fully prescribed CF WODs this week, but with the state my hand is in (pretty bad tear from Death by Pullups last week) and the emphasis on squats and cleans this week, I may need to modify.

Ended up not doing anything today except clean out the garage.

Large salad with homemade dressing, cooked veggies and 2-egg omelet. Had some homemade salsa with celery, and a little bit of celery/almond butter and some soaked almonds (handful). 3/4 frozen banana for dessert. Had a small cup of dry oatmeal before bed...good eating day.