Road to Recovery

Waking was tough again this morning...

Swam at lunch:
WU: 500
10x 50y on 60"
5x 100y on 2'
2x 250 on 5'
CD: 500
2,500 total
Then I did some Total Immersion drills...
total time was 59:36

Ran 4 miles in 29:14. 1st half-mile was 3:52, but picked it up after that. HR averaged 155. Pleased with that run.

Carrot juice after swim
Almond milk with water and hemp protein after run.
Large salad, cooked veggies, 3 egg omelet, soaked almonds, last few sweet potato chips in bag...this is where the wheels fall off...2 bean burritos, 1/2 bag of carob cubes, 3 small bowls of blue corn chips, frozen banana, end piece of H's flax bread.

OK...time to get serious. Going to start tracking calories, weighing food, until I get back under 175.0.