Road to Recovery

Homecoming weekend...not much time to update.
I biked for 30 and ran for 30 on Friday morning.
CF Friday night was
135# front squat x12
burpee pull up x12
Took me 14:05

Squats felt OK but my legs were incredibly sore Saturday and Sunday. I rested up over the weekend.
Starting normal CF/CFE today.

Ran Tosh today:
3x (200m, 400m, 600m)
Rest as long as each interval takes.
23:21, HR averaged 150.

I've done this WOD much faster but I'm happy with this time considering how sore my legs still are from Friday and my other issues from the accident...which seem to be appeasing a bit more everyday. Besides some swelling and pain in the immediate area of the healing laceration, I still have some tightness/pain along the top of my knee cap. John thinks it could just be the tendons that are tight from the trauma.

Menu for today:
Had a small cup of blueberries from ACU rec center after run.
Dinner - large salad, cooked veggies and 2 scrambled eggs, carob cubes, last 1/4 of my Nana's cookie from yesterday, blue corn chips and Jenn's black bean salsa. Stupid extra carob cubes made this a not good eating day.