Road to Recovery

Swam and ran again this morning. Left hip pain was absent...thank goodness.

10' WU (total immersion drills)
30x 50yards on 1'
Ran from 42:30 - 47:30, rest to 50:00, ran to 1 hour. Highest mph I got was 8.2. Gait is coming back nicely.

Bike this afternoon:
60 minutes
5:5, 2x2.5:2.5, 3x1.67:1.67, 4x1.25:1.25, 5x1:1, 6x50':50'
HR averaged 142

almond milk/hemp protein after morning workout
lettuce, grape tomatoes for lunch
swig of almond milk after ride
Jason's Deli salad
cashews, dried veggies