Road to Recovery Day 14

Saturday, October 8

2 weeks from accident.

Did first CF WOD since accident.
5 pulls
10 dips
15 squats
20 situps
13 rounds. Felt pretty good. Total of 65 pulls, 130 dips, 195 squats, 260 situps.

Watched Texas/OU at Badylaks.
During girls' nap time I rode for 30 (2x 2.5:2.5, 4x 1.25:1.25, 6x50:50) then ran on treadmill for 15 minutes.
Started out at a walk then slowly upped mph to a slow jog. Got up to 6.0 mph (10 min/mile) and the outside of my left knee started really hurting. That was frustrating since that part of my knee had not yet had any pain.

I stopped and stretched around a little bit. Started walking again, upped incline to 2.0, then slowly increased speed until I got to 5.0 mph. I wasn't worried about speed, just wanted HR to be in the 140s. Left knee didn't hurt after that. I'm thinking maybe it was just the fact that I hadn't run in more than two weeks (9/21/11). Left knee is feeling better by the day. Iced and stretched afterward.

Large salad, lentils, cooked veggies, blue corn and sweet potato chips, carob cubes, cashews, raisins