Road to Recovery Day 7

Hope was throwing up all night. Didn't get much sleep. Took H on a day date. Went to Walmart about the same time the accident happened last Saturday. Weird feeling.
Iced right knee and did 200 leg lifts with left leg then some stretching. Iced left knee then did 100 dips and 100 pullups.
When I do leg lifts I bring leg to complete rest, flex quad bringing heel off ground, lift, lower and relax. That's one.
May start experimenting with shallow squats and/or lunges. Left leg feels fine until I put pressure on it with knee bent. Straight is ok. May start riding indoor trainer when stitches come out too.

Food today was bowl of frozen blueberries at lunch.
Small salad, bowl of salmon/barley stew, homemade pizza, Nikki's yogurt, 2 bean burritos.

After a week of eating lots of food at night (and not eating during the day) I still weighed 176 yesterday. That's amazing since I've been eating til I was full every night this week. Lots of food.

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