Bare Feet -- or is that Bear Feet? Part II

Here's one other thing to think about -- imagine a pipe in the ground. If it is clear of debris and in a straight line, things can flow through it fast and with little effort.

Now take that pipe and put a bunch of kinks in it and maybe jam a rock against the outside in a few places. Now all of the sudden it's much harder for things to flow through that pipe. And not only that, but the more bends in the pipe, the more things ram up against the sides of the pipe which damages the pipe.

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Thoughts from Rick -- and video of him eating an olive and mushroom

What's up, Humans? So here we find ourselves at the beginning of February, and I'm checking in with a progress report on my resolutions. First, the flossing is going well...I've missed a couple of days, but the good news is I actually know how to floss now and maybe if I ever meet Eva T., she won't secretly be thinking how the inside of my mouth looks like a garbage dump.

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There Is No Magic Diet -- We're all Different

Trying to figure out how to be well and healthy has become a ridiculously complicated and challenging process in the world we've created around us.

From stuff you can sprinkle on your food, to infomercials about weird contraptions that contort and twist you in strange ways, to Paleo, to vegan, to vegetarian, to pescatarian, to counting calories, to weighing food, to logging exercise -- it can get overwhelming faster than you can pull a 1/2 pint of Blue Bell out of the freezer and take it down (which for me used to be about 2 minutes).

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We're Humans, Not Raccoons -- a Thought from Rick

Yeah, it's a lot of effort to eat good, healthy food. I have to basically plan out most of my meals a few days in advance and do a lot of prep beforehand (on Wednesday nights, for instance, I cook all my bacon for the week for breakfasts to save time and it ends up taking almost an hour and a half), and so on and so forth. You guys know what I'm talking about. It's harder to eat cleanly. It just is. But shouldn't we be more deliberate about the way we eat?

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New Year's Resolutions and a month of NO GRAINS or SUGARS (an article by Rick)

What's up, Humans? So if you guys listened to Episode 15 of the podcast (AND I KNOW YOU ALL DID, RIGHT?!?!), you heard about my 3 New Year's Resolutions: to floss daily, to eat both an olive and a mushroom, and to go one month totally free of grains, sugars or artificial sweeteners. Well, the flossing is going well (9 days straight, EVA T!!!), and I'll have a totally separate post on the olives and mushrooms.

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The BMW and the Wheel - How we've ruined a perfect design

Throughout all domains of life on Earth, things work together in perfect and beautiful harmony. The sun’s relationship with our planet and the moon is a good place to start -- tinker with that and we’d all be dead pretty quick.

A spider building a web on a tree. A crab taking residence in an empty shell. Dogs and humans. Microorganisms and humans. Goby fish and shrimp. The list is pretty extensive.

The point is that if you disrupt these relationships, both parties will be affected negatively.

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Christmas Thought...

It’s Christmas Eve so 99% of everyone in this country has some sort of pie or cake or dessert (or 7) filling their kitchens right now. That’s fine. You got to put some life into living.

BUT going crazy on desserts around birthdays and holidays does not HAVE TO happen. It's not like Santa won't come if you don't eat an entire pecan pie -- he only doesn't come if you don't GO TO BED KIDS...PLEASE! ENOUGH! BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEEEEEEP!!!!!!! 

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Simply Human Foods are NOT Restrictive -- Exhibit K

I eat a ton of a wide variety of real, human food. I never feel restricted or like I'm depriving myself in any way, shape or form. However, there is a common misconception that cutting out grains, sugars, and processed foods leaves no other food options. So I'm here to break that misconception -- eating real, human food is not restrictive, Exhibit K:

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First Foods for Baby -- Part 1

Not many people like change. It’s annoying. It’s a lot of trouble. It can be hard work. But sometimes you have to change. Sometimes it’s for the best. Sometimes you look back and are RELIEVED that you made the change. Keep that in mind as you read this…

I have three small children so keeping small children alive and healthy is something that I spend a lot of time reading about and dwelling on. I consider it a miracle that I’ve been able to keep a child alive for four years -- so anything beyond this is a win for the guy who pooped his pants at school during his senior year of high school.

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You Get What You Pay For -- Part I

“Eating healthy, human foods as you define them is just too expensive for me and my family, so we can’t do it…”

Sorry -- that excuse doesn’t fly with me.

If you have the means to sit down and read this article, there’s a good chance that means you’re not struggling for survival every day. In other words, if you’re homeless or standing in line for a welfare check, this doesn’t apply to you since you obviously have other, more important things, to be worried about.

That being said…

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