I Have the Flu

So I have the flu. You know what rhymes with flu? Poo. Which is what I feel like.

I think many, many more people are exposed to the flu every year than actually GET the flu, but some people are able to fight it off. The people that fight it off probably have good sleep habits, eat human foods, for the most part, and move around some throughout the day.

That sounds like me typically. Except for the past few days:

  • I was at a business dinner late on Friday, then met my brother (in town from NYC) afterwards was up until past midnight and only got about 6 hours of interrupted sleep (thanks college dudes next door to us in the hotel).
  • The next day I went on a police ride along and didn't get in bed until 4 AM.
  • I got home late on Sunday night after watching the Cowboys lose to the Packers (an exceptionally stressful event).
  • Monday night I went to a friends house and (albeit under outdoor heaters) watched the national championship football game OUTSIDE in 32 degree weather.

I started feeling sick Tuesday. Big surprise. How am I fighting the flu? I made it until Tuesday around 4:30 before I took my first dose of any medicine (2 ibuprofen) which immediately made me feel 100% better. I've been drinking water with Nuun tablets (electrolytes) and sitting on my booty. I've made sure to keep taking my Nutreince multivitamins.

I am NOT drinking Sprite, or chicken noodle soup out of a can, or any other sort of nutrient-less snack. 

Stress is good in small doses. Not in heavy, chronic amounts.

Let your immune system work -- get good sleep, eat human food, move like humans are designed to move.